photo-209.jpgAbout me: I am a father and a husband, a United Methodist youth minister and a divinity student. I’m also a church camp counselor. I’ve finished my Th.M. thesis on the hermeneutic role of experience in the Gospel of John, and I’ve started studying for the M.Div. in preparation for ordained ministry.

About this blog:

I’ve titled this blog Iconodule, which is Greek for “servant of images,” as an expression of my desire to be a servant of the image of God in humanity. As St. Athanasius says, each of us is an icon of the invisible God, which, although disfigured, is being “repainted” in the image of the original model, our Lord Jesus. We are all on a journey in which we are being transformed into the “visible flesh of God.” My reflections in this blog are hopefully reminders that all people reflect the image of the Triune God and that Christians especially are called to “grow up” into the one who is our Example.


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