Here’s a pdf of my thesis. I’m somewhat reluctant to post it, since it’s not very good, but several people have requested it, so here it is. Basically I’m interested in the relationship between hermeneutics and religious experience, especially as it applies to the early Christians’ interpretation of the Torah. My question is this: How did Jewish believers in Jesus make the jump from strict monotheism as inherited from their Scriptures and tradition to binitarian/trinitarian belief? In other words, the Bible says you can only worship God, and here they are worshipping their teacher, and claiming he is God. How strange. I argue in the paper that they must have experienced something very powerful in their interaction with Jesus, both in person and in worship. I think it’s an interesting topic, but I didn’t pull it off very well, partially because I got lazy toward the end of the semester. I also think I should have dealt with a smaller portion of text, rather than trying to tackle the entire Gospel of John. Oh well…live and learn.


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